21 Eyes of Ruby on hold
posted on Jul 09 2013

Such a nice day and still we have to bring you some sad news...

Dear friends & fans, though it might not even come as a real surprise: we've decided to put 21 Eyes of Ruby on hold. No, we're not quitting, it's more like a state of hibernation. We're still best friends and don't you worry about us suffering from 'musical differences'. Cause we're not. But we have to admit, after more than 7 years of putting our hearts and souls in our favorite band, it's getting though to hold the right amount of energy, motivation and concentration that 21 Eyes of Ruby deserves. So maybe it's time to get some other things going on...

Obviously, we've got some goodbye presents to hand out: HERE you'll find 4 brand new live videos of our final show at De Nieuwe Nor supporting The Pineapple Thief. The full setlist is:

1 The Divine Light
2 Until The End
3 7 Rules of Motivation
4 Antidote

Check out 21eyesofruby.bandcamp.com : you'll find FREE downloads of CTW6-preproduction-tracks Antidote & The Divine Light, among the rest of our discography.

We'd like to thank everybody who've supported us throughout the years, came to our shows, bought a cd or shirt. Many special thanx to our beloved roadcrew Raoul, Roy, Erik & Jurriaan. Thanx guys!

21 Eyes of Ruby say "Thank You, Thank You! We love you! Goodbye!"

Antoine, Martijn & Stef
21 Eyes of Ruby

21 Eyes of Ruby is celebrating: new video and 53 free songs!
posted on Jan 21 2013

Dear everybody,

Today is our birthday. Happy Birthday to us! And to celebrate our 7-year existence we are releasing an official music video for our song 'Rigor Mortis'. This videomaterial consists of 'found footage', which was filmed during our CTW5-albumpresentation show in the old Muziekgieterij Maastricht in September 2010. Filmed by Remy Kooi, edited by our drummer Martijn.

A video for Rigor Mortis seems like an unusual choice - it's an old song and it's not Stef but Alex who is featured in the video-, however: everyone who attended the show that night will recall this as probably the most intense gig 21 Eyes of Ruby ever did, with Rigor Mortis as the absolute kicker. The images will speak for themselves.

But wait, there's more! While we're at it: as of today you can download all our songs on 21eyesofruby.bandcamp.com. For free. 53 songs in total, including the entire EP/Album-Conquer The World-series part 1 up until 5. FOR FREE!

We'll be blowing out our 7 candles and start in on our cake.
See you soon. 21 Eyes of Ruby loves you!

TuWann, Martijn & Stef
21 Eyes of Ruby

New video out now!
posted on Nov 14 2012

Today we'll release a video of 50 minutes and 46 seconds on YouTube. It's the live recording of our FULL SHOW @ Faith in Fest in Bilzen (BE).

Expect nothing too fancy: just 3 guys playing some heavy rock songs with some nice lights and some nice audience. But we think it's pretty cool and we hope you will enjoy it.

1 The Divine Light (NEW SONG)
2 Antidote
3 Until The End
4 Yessyana
5 Red Label Society (bonus/encore)

Special thanks to Raoul Bormans, Roy Bos & Jurriaan Soeterbroek. Without them this video wouldn't have been nearly as cool as it is now!

TuWann, Martijn & Stef
21 Eyes of Ruby

New track Antidote out today!
posted on Oct 21 2012

Test, 1,2,3...is this thing on?? 'Cause here's the deal: today at 21h21 sharp, we will release our new 14 minute track Antidote on Soundcloud. You want to have that song so badly? Then support us to make Antidote go viral! Share the link at your Facebook profile and in return, we'll send you a FREE mp3 of Antidote.

Here's what to do:
1. Like us on Facebook (otherwise we won't be able to track you!)
2. Check out the Antidote/Soundcloud-post on the top of the page
3. Hit the 'SHARE' button to post the link on your Facebook profile
4. We will contact you with download instructions (through Facebook message). We'll need your email address.
5. Download your FREE mp3!

So, how about that? Let's go VIRAL!!

Antidote is a result of the pre-production sessions for Conquer The World pt. 6 we did in August. However, it came out so well that we decided to release the song online. Using Antidote as a showcase, we're currently looking for a producer and label for our yet to be recorded new album.

Antidote also marks the recording debut of bassplayer Stef. It is also because of this that we wanted to release something, for ourselves and our fans. Consider it an update. We've had a rough period. Antidote is proof that we are still alive and kicking. Oh, and more progressive than ever!

TuWann, Martijn & Stef
21 Eyes of Ruby

Video Update #2 online
posted on 19 sep 2012

Check out our second Video Update. With footage of our recording sessions in August, our try-out show, some 'behind the scenes' and ofcourse, more new music.

TuWann, Martijn & Stef
21 Eyes of Ruby

Pre-productions & sneak preview
posted on Aug 24 2012

We hope you all had a great summer! For the past weeks, we've been very busy rehearsing and recording our new songs. Not the real deal yet, we're still in the pre-production/demo stage. But we will put some snippets online as soon as it's ready.

For those who can't wait, check out this sneak preview video:

Keep on checking our Facebook page for photos, updates & more.
Talk to you soon!

TuWann, Martijn & Stef
21 Eyes of Ruby

Back in the rehearsal room
posted on May 27 2012

You might have noticed, it's a little quiet on our official website nowadays... nothing to worry though! We're back in the rehearsal room, working really hard on new songs for our next album Conquer The World pt.6. Expect the most progressive, the most psychedelic ánd the longest tracks we wrote so far... We just need some more time, bear with us!

For news flashes, updates, sneak previews and more, please hang out with us on Facebook. Talk to you soon!

TuWann, Martijn & Stef
21 Eyes of Ruby

Re-release Conquer The World pt.2&3 / Show Asta Beek
posted on Nov 21 2011

Today, we'll re-release our album Conquer The World pt.2&3. The original CTW2&3-cds were released in 2007 and are no longer available. The double album will be released as a Special Edition through our own label Summer Kimono Records.

You can download the complete album HERE, including cover artwork and new single Out Of Heart, for only €5,-. Because 2+3=5! Click HERE for the tracklist.

You can download the complete album HERE, including cover artwork and new single Out Of Heart, for only €5,-. Because 2+3=5! Click HERE for the tracklist.

We were a little nervous, when we released our new single Out Of Heart last week. What would you think of this unexpected quiet song? Fortunately, we've received many positive comments since then, so thank you! Haven't heard Out Of Heart yet? Listen HERE and / or watch the video HERE.

Coming Saturday, November 26th we will play together with Sungrazer in the Asta Theatre in Beek. A wonderful location for our last gig of 2011. We hope you celebrate it with us, come and see! Start: 8:00 p.m. Admission: €10, - More info: HERE

TuWann & Martijn
21 Eyes of Ruby

new single & video Out Of Heart!
posted on Nov 14 2011

Dear fans & friends,

we're very proud to present you our new single & video Out Of Heart! You can download the track for FREE HERE. Watch the video on the right or on YouTube.

We'd like to give a big shout out to Erik, thanx mate!
...and we hope you'll like the tune too...

Out Of Heart is not a completely new song: it's a rendition of our old song Pizzi. But it comes with a new arrangement and the song is fully re-recorded by TuWann. Not to mention, our '5th Beatle' Erik Moonen does some amazing vocals on it!

The release of Out Of Heart anticipates on the (digital) re-issue of double album Conquer The World pt.2&3. The original CTW2&3 cds were released in 2007 and are no longer available. From Monday November 21, 2011 on, the double album will be available for streaming & downloading at our Bandcamp webpage, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

TuWann & Martijn
21 Eyes of Ruby

21 Eyes of Ruby back on stage
posted on Sep 08 2011

After a forced 2 months break we're glad to announce: we're back!

Because Ladies & Gentlemen, check the new bandphoto! The dude with the blueish sunglasses is Stef van de Kerkhof, aged 22, extraordinary bassplayer, and important too, 21 Eyes of Ruby-fan for years (could we wish for more?). Stef will perform the upcoming 2 gigs with us this weekend. Come by and show him your support!

Friday September 9th we play at Barrock Maastricht. Showtime is 22:30 and we will bring you a thorough set. Free entrance! More info: www.barrock.nl

On Saturday September 10th we'll travel to Zwolle for a Popronde-gig. At Popfront we'll perform at 23:30. More info: www.popronde.nl

TuWann & Martijn
21 Eyes of Ruby

Bassplayer Alex left 21EoR | Looking for new bassplayer
posted on July 27 2011

With great sadness we have to inform you that bassplayer Alex has left 21 Eyes of Ruby due to personal circumstances. Alex was our bassplayer for almost 5 years, he joined the band when he was just 19 years old. He can be heard on 21EoR's last two albums, Conquer The World pt.4 and Conquer The World pt.5.

We are currently looking for a new bassplayer. Auditions have already been started. If you think you are the bassplayer we need, please contact us as soon as possible.

TuWann & Martijn
21 Eyes of Ruby

New videoclip | Support The Gathering
posted on May 26 2011

The new official video The Fountain, The Fight & The Flood is online! Go check it out on YouTube or on our website!

We'd like to thank the following people: Frank Vroemen, Stefan Hickert, Billy Nilsson, Roy Bos & Erik Moonen. Without your help, we would not have been able to make this video! Thanks!

Support show The Gathering

Coming Sunday May 29th, we'll support the well known Dutch band The Gathering in De Bosuil Weert. We start at 16:00h. We'll bring along Erik and our visuals, so no excuse to stay home!

For more info & tickets, please click HERE.

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

Win a PROG NL cd | Muziekgieterij Benefit
posted on April 21 2011

The limited edition CD PROG NL has been released! To honour the 10th anniversary of Progwereld, ten progressive, Dutch rock bands translated one of their tracks in Dutch. We've sent in 'Vleugellam' , an adaptation of 'Anthem For A Butterfly'. A preview can be listened on this website.

Wanna win a PROG NL CD? Mail us the right answer on the following question: who wrote the lyrics of Vleugellam? We've got 3 copies to give away! Send in your answer before April 29th.

On Sunday April 24, we'll perform on the Muziekgieterij Benefit in Maastricht. After its recent setback it's time to make a statement towards the local government. Many bands including Sungrazer & Kill Ferelli will participate. Note: we'll be playing early!

Check out our new live video: Unfold Your Mind! Including special guest Joost Peeters (Concubine) on bass and a fabulous guitar solo of TuWann! Check HERE

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

New live videos
posted on April 07 2011

Make sure to check out our new live vids. They're from our 5th Anniversary Party in De azijnfabriek (with a.o. Remy from Festina Lenté and 12 year old drummer Ian!). You can watch them HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Our MEDIA page is finally online. Check out our brand new wallpapers HERE. On top of that, our label Summer Kimono Records has an official website nowadays. Check it out HERE.

Meanwhile we've had a blast with our shows with Autumn @ Baroeg and Ethereal @ So What. Those guys (and woman) rock!!

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

5th Anniversary Party, Jan 21st 2011. Thank you all!
posted on January 24 2011

What a mind-blowing, beautiful, intense, weird, chaotic, musical night it was! With old friends, young super talents, broken guitar amps, nosebleeds, emotions, winners, reunions & a 21 Eyes of Ruby cake! A show to remember, thank you all!

Couldn't make it to our Party? Too bad, you've missed your limited edition copy of our special 5th Anniversary EP! No need to worry though, because you can download it FOR FREE! Click on the cover to download!

1) The Fountain, The Fight & The Flood 6:56
2) TFTF&TF (Eclectomatic remix) 4:16
3) The Devil & His Plot 2:13
4) Little Pink Inflatable Swimming Pool Jam 1:29
5) The Blues Mic Lick 4:45
6) Where's Your Love? (demo) 3:01
7) TFTF&TF (I think it's Bart remix) 4:08
8) TFTF&TF (Daan Vanderholst remix) 4:33

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

It's 21 Eyes of Ruby's 5th birthday and we throw a party! You are invited!
posted on January 15 2011

On Friday Jan 21st 2011, 21 Eyes of Ruby will celebrate their 5th birthday with a special show: the 5th Anniversary Party in De Azijnfabriek Roermond. Everyone is invited, free entrance!

Also 21 Eyes of Ruby will hand out an Limited Edition - '5th Anniversary EP' which is made especially for this event. Be sure to be on time to get your free copy, because only the first 100 fans will receive this EP!

This EP contains 8 tracks, which include 3 new tracks but also the winner of the 'TFTF&TF-Your Remix'-contest which was held by 21 Eyes of Ruby. Producer Eclectomatic won this contest with his house remix of the track 'The Fountain, The Fight & The Flood'. Therefore he gained a prominent spot on the EP.

A whole bunch of special guests will make their appearance on 21 Eyes of Ruby's birthday party. Bassplayers Joost Peeters (Concubine) and Peter van Mulken (orig. bassplayer 21EoR), but also the 12-year-old drum talent Ian Geerts will join 21EoR live on stage. Furthermore lyricist/composer Mark Courage, our live-keyboardplayer/singer Erik Moonen and the unmatched DJ/VJ TuWann will make their appearance. Last but not least singer Rémy Harrewijn himself will take care of an exclusive mini-reunion of the infamous band Festina Lenté! If you add the 2 young, talented supportacts Fallen One and Lambshade, you know it's gonna be a legendary night.

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

Winner The Fountain-remix-contest
posted on January 10 2011

The jury has decided: Eclectomatic wins our TFTF&TF-Your Remix-contest! Check it out in our player! His Eclectomatic Remix will be prominently featured on our upcoming & very special release 21 Eyes of Ruby - The 5th Anniversary EP.

But there's more, we also grant second-prize winners Bart Finders (I think it's Bart) and Daan Vanderholst a spot on our EP. Congratulations! We wanna thank all the contestants for their effort & musicality, you're great!

The 5th Anniversary EP will only be available on the 5th Anniversary Party in De Azijnfabriek Roermond on Jan 21st 2011. This release will be limited for exactly 100 copies. And you can get it for free! All you have to do is show up on time and get your copy!

More news about the tracklist, cover and more special guests for our 5th Anniversary Party will follow this week!
Excitement! Stay tuned!

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

Happy New Year!
posted on January 05 2011

We wish you all good health, succes & lots of great music in 2011!

For all you DJs out there, only 2 more days left to participate in our The Fountain remix-contest! Make sure we've recieved your track on Jan 7 at the latest! Check info & free download HERE.

If you're not in our regularly newsmailing (SUBSCRIBE!), you might have missed on Martijn's Chrismas Greetings. Read it HERE (in Dutch).

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

The Fountain Remix Contest!
posted on December 08 2010

Remix 'The Fountain, The Fight & The Flood' and win prizes and an official release!

21 Eyes of Ruby are always looking for new musical challenges. For all you producers, musicians or DJs out there, thinking: "Guys, surely you could do better than this!"? Bring it on, because 21 Eyes of Ruby are challenging you!

We'll give you all the seperate tracks from 'The Fountain' ánd the liberty to do with them whatever you feel like. A cool electro beat, dubstep, hardstyle, grindcoreblastbeatmetal... Go for it!

The best remix will be awarded with various 21 Eyes of Ruby prizes and will be released on the exclusive '21 Eyes of Ruby - 5th Anniversary EP'. On Jan 21st, this EP will be presented on the special 5th Anniversary-show in Roermond. The cd will be released as a very limited edition on Summer Kimono Records.

Click HERE to download all the audio files, including the 'Read Me' file. Send a mp3 (or a Yousendit link, etc) to info@21eyesofruby.com. Make sure to send us your remix before Jan 7th, 2011!

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

And the winner is... / New Video DAZE!
posted on November 26 2010


The last cd of 'Conquer The World pt.2&3' has been won by Sylvia Roozen with her beautiful poem! The double-cd with autographs is coming her way! We'd like to thank everybody who contributed a submission. Read Sylvia's poem down below.

Check out the new video of 'Daze' on your right! Made by TuWann and featuring special guest and dancer Adinda Kloekke. 'Daze' will be used as a background visual during our Conquer The World pt.5-tour.

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

Here's the winning poem by Sylvia Roozen:

Fight it or flight...

Onze wereld bestaat uit losse elementen
muziek maakt die elementen tot een geheel
noten zorgen voor ontroering
daar ritmes zorgen voor beroering
maar over het algemeen,.. spelen wij hierin mee.

'Life is a symfony'
of eigenlijk een harmonie?
Wij zijn de dirigenten van ons bestaan
iedereen draagt zijn steentje bij
van triangel tot aan een zingende waterkraan.

Teksten van Putz zetten ons in beweging
melodieen van Damme zetten ons aan tot handelen
waarbij symfonische klanken overheersen
samen met drumpartijen van Soeterboek laat het ons doen wankelen.

De strijd is namelijk gekomen, en de tijd breekt nu echt aan
want 21 eyes of ruby geeft ons een fenomenaal bestaan
zij zijn immer leidende dirigenten van ons te saam
De vraag blijft: Kan de wereld het al aan?

'Life is a symfony'
of eigenlijk een harmonie?
Wij zijn de dirigenten van ons bestaan
iedereen draagt zijn steentje bij
van blokfluit tot aan een zeurende orgelpijp

Maar muziek laat ons nooit gaan!
Go, and conquer the world!!


Hurry up! - Win the last copy of Conquer The World pt.2&3!
posted on November 11 2010


Hurry up! You've got only 10 days to convince us why YOU deserve to win the very last copy of 'Conquer The World pt.2&3'! Write a mail, a song, a movie, a poem and send it before the 21st of November to info@21eyesofruby.com! (for the people who think 'Huh, which cd?' CLICK HERE!)

There's a great online review of our show at The Rambler on Lords of Metal. And be sure to check these 2 amazing live videos of that show! Thanx to Jurriaan and Regina. The Fountain, The Fight & The Flood and Rigor Mortis

Friday November 12th we will be guests @ the radio show 'Going Underground' on radio Gouwestad in Gouda! There will be an interview and we'll play some songs acoustic. Info & frequencies: HERE.

TuWann, Martijn & Alex
21 Eyes of Ruby

CD-release parties & reviews
posted on October 01 2010

The 2 cd-release parties were great! Thanx for coming! Reviews from both shows are online with some nice pictures along with them. You can read them HERE and HERE.

CD-reviews are also coming in more and more and they're all very, VERY enthousiastic about our new album! We're so happy with that!

Some amazing quotes:
'21 Eyes of Ruby easily outshines their previous work' Music Maker
'Potential master piece' Progwereld
'By far, the best album of a Dutch band we've heard in 2010' Musicfrom.nl

Read the full reviews of MusicMaker, Musicfrom.nl, Progwereld, Up Magazine, Gitarist, File Under, Zware Metalen, Lords of Metal & White Room.

Conquer The World pt.5 in stores now!
posted on September 21 2010

21EoR proudly present it's new album 'Conquer The World pt.5'! Listen to the complete album on Bandcamp.

The CD is available now as a digipack throughout the whole Benelux (ask your local dealer) and on Bol.com. You can also download the album on Amazon.


1) The Fountain, The Fight & The Flood
2) Break The Chains
3) She Smiles Like A Machine Gun
4) Until The End
5) Anthem For A Butterfly
6) Boy In The Attic (Alfredo's Song)
7) Ms. Metzengerstein
8) Legacy Of Gold
9) Daze
10) Rigor Mortis
11) Horatio Moustachio

Cd-release parties

On Thursday September 23rd is our first party in dB's in Utrecht. Forsophie will be supporting us.
Open: 20u30 Entrance-fee: €6,-
More info: click HERE

On Friday September 24th is the second party in De Muziekgieterij in Maastricht. Attention: 21 Eyes of Ruby play first on 21.15, so be on time! The Fudge will take care of the afterparty.
Open: 20u00 Entrance-fee: €5,-
More info: click HERE Attention! : There's no pre-sale! Again: be on time!

Free Download, CD-release parties and In-Stores
posted on September 10 2010

To get you into the mood for our new album we offer you the new track 'The Fountain, The Fight & The Flood'. Of course: it's a free download! Please go to our Bandcamp profile or click HERE

There's still some time left to pre-order CTW5! Order now 21 september. You'll pay only €12,- and no shipping costs. Deal? We'll make sure you'll receive the cd right on the official release date. Go place your order HERE.

We're glad to look forward to our 2 cd-release-parties. We proudly announce our special guest Erik Moonen (Tell Your Momma) will join us on vocals, keys and percussion. It'll be 2 amazing supershows! Order your tickets now!

On Thursday September 23rd is our first party in dB's in Utrecht. Forsophie will be supporting us.
Open: 20u30 Entrance-fee: €6,-
More info: click HERE

On Friday September 24th is the second party in De Muziekgieterij in Maastricht. Attention: 21 Eyes of Ruby play first, so be on time! The Fudge will take care of the afterparty.
Open: 20u00 Entrance-fee: €5,-
More info: click HERE

Also we'll do some 'in-store'-shows the next few weeks. Confirmed are Sounds in Tilburg (September 16th) and Satisfaction in Heerlen (September 25th). These unique mini-gigs are FREE, so please drop by and join us for some good old fashioned record-store-fun! Also we can be heard LIVE in some radioshows. On September 18th we'll play LIVE @ L1 Cultuurcafé between 13u00 and 14u00.

Pre-order 'Conquer The World pt.5'
posted on August 31 2010

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our brand new website! We're glad you're here! Check out the new 'preview CTW5'-video on your right and visit our restyled and updated Discography and Shop (shirts are on SALE!).

Pre-order your copy of 'Conquer The World pt.5' now and pay NO shipping costs. We'll make sure you'll receive the cd ultimately on the official release date. Pre-order HERE or click the pre-order pic.

We have two releaseshows coming up: dBs Utrecht, September 23rd, De Muziekgieterij Maastricht, September 24th. They're gonna be two amazing shows, so order your tickets right away. More info can be found in Tour.

21 Eyes of Ruby sign distribution deal
posted on July 05 2010

Dutch rockband 21 Eyes of Ruby have signed a distribution- and promotiondeal with Dying Giraffe Recordings. New album 'Conquer The World pt.5' will be released through this label and will be available in stores throughout the whole Benelux on September 21st 2010.

Leadsinger/guitarist Antoine Pütz explains: "We're very happy with this deal. To us, it feels like a big leap forward. Despite the interest of multiple parties, signing with Dying Giraffe was a decision easily made. Contact with them felt right from the start."

'Conquer The World pt.5', produced by Antoine Pütz and Martijn Soeterbroek, will be released on Summer Kimono Records and distributed by Dying Giraffe and Munich/V2. Previous album 'Conquer The World pt.4' (2009) has been critically acclaimed by the Dutch press. Earlier this year 21 Eyes of Ruby released 'The Sharks EP' which is available as a free download on BandCamp.

photo by perry schrijvers

CTW5 is finished & New Shows
posted on April 27 2010

Great news: our new full-length album 'Conquer The World pt.5' is finished!
We hope to bring a releasedate to you soon, so please be gentle with us and patient for a little while...

This Thursday April 29th we'll play at the QueensNight at Café BarRock in Maastricht. (NL) We will perform 2 brandnew songs of CTW5 for the very first time, so let this be enough to attend this show!
21EoR starts about 12:00 a.m.

Plus we've got more shows!
Check here.

no shows scheduled